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About Believe Counseling and Consulting

Believe Counseling and Consulting, Inc provides services to individuals, couples, families and groups. We offer services to children as young as 2 years old through adults. Our experienced therapists are trained in a variety of methods that are individualized to meet the needs of each client. We BELIEVE in services tailored towards the individual needs of each person. We BELIEVE in transparency, compassion and concern for the people we serve. We BELIEVE you can improve your relationship with your partner and not just "go through the motions". We BELIEVE you can let go of the guilt and shame and begin healing from childhood trauma. We BELIEVE you can learn new ways to deal with stress and learn to ride the "waves" in life. We BELIEVE that play is an important way for a child to communicate. Sometimes children's behaviors or tummy aches are telling us much more than their words. Play can often bring to life what words can't. We BELIEVE you are not alone as you face life's stressors, transitions and loss, as we are here to partner with you. We BELIEVE the first step to making change and invest in yourself is by scheduling an appointment with us to begin your journey to a better future. 

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